Meat Selection


Our rodizio style dinner menu features up to 15 different cuts of meat and fish. All of our meats are carved tableside directly to your plate.


Monthly Meat: Grilled Shrimp

This September, in addition to our 15 cuts of meat and fish, enjoy our grilled shrimp. Seasoned to perfection.

Top Sirloin – Picanha

The absolute must-have cut during your visit to naBrasa is our Picanha! Prepared to your liking, the Picanha is carved at the precise thickness to assure a “melt in your mouth” experience.


Sirloin – Alcatra

Family and friends flock together during traditional Rodizio dinner for the Alcatra. Alcatra cut is one of most entertained by guests for its unbelievable juiciness and distinguishable flavor brought about by the slow-roasting technique.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is known to most around the globe as the most tender of cuts. Roasted over an open flame the filet never runs the risk of becoming dull and dry in taste or texture, enjoyable for seconds or thirds.

Top Sirloin Garlic Tips

Perfectly carved tips of our decadent sirloin, skewered and lightly marinated in a garlic sauce and finished in the rotisserie. A garlic lovers paradise.

Beef Ribs – Costela

Our beef ribs are prepared by first seasoning, then grilled for several hours to ensure the full flavor of this extraordinary meats lover’s favorite.


Lamb Chops

The combination of naBrasa’s seasoning and the lamb’s natural weight-less texture offer our guests a bite into a great alternative to the darker meats and goes splendid with our mint jelly.

Leg of Lamb – Cordeiro

The juice of this lamb’s cut drizzles off of the gaucho chef’s knife and onto your plate, leaving a lasting memory on the pallet.

Brazilian Sausage – Linguica

Traditionally a Portuguese dish, the Brazilians adapt their mother-country’s bbq favorite by applying these well-seasoned alternatives. Linguicas generally vary, however the majority include a pinch of spice that plays beautifully in a churrasco bbq.

Chicken Wrapped in Bacon

This relationship between white and dark flavors goes perfectly with the traditional side of fried bananas! The flavors of the chicken and bacon are married perfectly without an overly crisp coat.

Filet Wrapped in Bacon

A carnivore’s dream, naBrasa’s filet wrapped in bacon offers a generous portion of the finest filet embraced by a strip of perfectly cooked bacon.

Chicken Parmesan -Frango Parmesao

Our gaucho chefs prepare this selection with extra attention, sprinkling generous amounts of freshly grated parmesan cheese to assure an even coast in every bite.

Flank Steak – Fraldinha

Crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside this is a must-have classic.


Grilled to a lovely color of golden peach, the Salmon is served as part of your salad bar service and opens the appetite greatly for what’s to come.

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